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A quick word from the artist

April 2023

Ballarat, Australia

When I was little, mum used to drive an hour to night drama classes in Geelong, and she'd take me with her. They were held in a room off a large gallery, and while her and the other adults were running around being silly, I'd wander off through the dimly lit rooms peering at artworks and escaping to magical places.

On the way home I'd play Kate Bush on the car stereo and look at the stars in the night sky as I was getting drowsy.

As I drifted to sleep I'd dream of retro cities floating in the sky, friendly monsters, flying contraptions and cosy hideaways.

These and other memories of childhood gave me a love for the surreal imaginings of nighttime.

Like many youngsters I often endured nightmares, but I soon discovered that by trying to draw things I remembered, my nocturnal fears subsided.

Peering into the weird corners of the mind has since been my self-therapy.

Having worked with my mother on a series of children's books as an illustrator has given me a love for drawing in a naive childlike way - some have commented my work has shades of Maurice Sendak and Where the Wild Things Are... I love this comparison.

These are all pen and watercolour drawings, reproduced beautifully on textured art paper.

You may ask why an artist would want to give away free prints... the answer is that art is made to be shared around and looked at.

This seems a great way, and it's zero risk for the customer because there's a 100% no questions money back if you're not happy with your print for any reason. Simply email You can easily unsubscribe to my occasional email at any time.

I'm sure you'll love these remote fantasy destinations as I do, and perhaps you'll be curious about my other artworks. Most of us also have a quirky friend who would love one of these as a gift.

Thanks for looking!

"I am so thrilled to own the painting I bought, it will be cherished forever and I cannot stop looking at it.

I will be adding to the collection as soon as I can."


Hip Hip Decay, Ballarat

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The "Strange Planet" series

One of the things I love about other peoples' houses is when you're randomly glancing around and you see something interesting.

Like when you go to the bathroom and on the way you see an artwork that mesmerises you for a minute... these detailed pieces will do just that.

Don't we all love homes that have nooks and crannies, filled with fascinating snippets of information about the lives of the people who live there, and their interests and quirks? This is why I called the series "Strange Planet" - because humans are wonderfully strange creatures.

When I created this collection I was in the mood for storytelling. I love pictures that seem like a snapshot of a mysterious fairytale; the viewer's imagination picks up the plot and continues the tale in their own way.

Like a graphic novel, this kind of art starts conversations and piques interest, and if you are one of those people who likes to fascinate your mind and fill your home with interesting tidbits then these are definitely for you!

Why free?

I'm supporting myself only with art this year, and it's better for me to reach out and share my visual style with as many people as possible, so that if you see my work in the future, you might recognise me, and that's great for any artist.

By receiving a free print you've helped my journey along and supported an independent artist, as well as added some magic to your world.

To quote the hilarious Terry Pratchett:

"Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages."

Calling Earth

When I was little I thought for a while that people who passed away lived on the moon. There must be a city there, and maybe grandma has to go and use the special Earth Phone in order to talk to dad because she's so far away.

$28 pay only postage $6.90

Dream Home

Have you ever dreamed of living in a remote castle? Preferably on a hill away from all the noise and bustle? Maybe that's why the Addams Family were so happy all the time. I hear that Enya lives in a castle somewhere - (lucky her).

$28 pay only postage $6.90


Party at Moon Hotel

Who wouldn't want to be invited to a party at Moon Hotel? (Yes I seem to have a thing for moons and floating buildings).

This party is 24 hour, and there are water beds! I hope it's not too windy.

$28 pay only postage $6.90

Balloon Man

You may recognise this teetering abode from the tales of Lemony Snickett, but this is a different time, and Balloon Man is floating past on his way to another story. But who's that in the window?

$28 pay only postage $6.90


Your print will come inside a protective sleeve, delivered in a sturdy rigid document mailer, hand decorated with lino print and sealing wax. Nothing but the best for your artwork.

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About the artist

Garth finished his Bachelor in 2021 after some years devoting time to his band "Immaculata", but his ultimate love is visual art and painting. He has exhibited in various galleries and venues in Victoria, including The Convent Gallery Daylesford, Arts Post Ballarat, Grainery Lane, Backspace and Art Space. Recently he received the Federation University Acquisition Award and the Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate of Artistic Achievement.

He's still somewhat of an elder goth and specialises in figurative work with mythical overtones. He lives in an 1880's Victorian Cottage in Ballarat with his furbeings and is looking forward to developing an exciting new direction after his sellout Art Space exhibition just recently finished.

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